Find Joy in the Journey and New Adventures!

We've got huge news!  

Yourdori is being put on hold, a hiatus of sorts until 2018. But it's okay. Everything Dana and I will be doing in the meantime will only serve to make Yourdori so much better! We are besties, so we'll still be doing a lot of collaboration work together. We are crafty soul mates as well and she still has her eye on my ridiculous paper & washi tape collection! 😜

Dana, as you may know, works as a full time Nanny, has 4 kids of her own, a husband, cat and hedgehog.  She does commission work for her gorgeous mixed media art, is a designer for 3 craft suppliers and is an aspiring children's book author. (And thats just the short list!!) 😉 These are just some of things Dana going to be focusing on. You can follow her at her website Dapoppins and on Instagram at Dapoppins  So make sure you follow her there! ❤

Some of Dana's stunning mixed media artwork. 😍

Dana took this photo of her adorable hedgehog!❤

As for me, I'm going to be opening an online biz with my daughter,  Aisha and I am over the moon excited!!!

It's been about a decade in the making, but Allah (God) is always the best of planners, right? We're calling it "EVERYDAY NASEEHA" (Naseeha, in Arabic, means "good advice".

Its going to be a lifestyle site for Muslimahs, that non-muslims would love as well, In sha Allah (God willing). We are going to have a wide array of categories with useful, creative & actionable content with lots of yummy photos! And so much more! Eeeeek! (Please make duaa (prayers) for us! ❤)

We've set a launch date for July 15, 2017.🚀(The graphics are for future social media post! 🤗)

Please follow me on Instagram here until Everyday Naseeha gets it's own social media up and running.  

Thank you so much all of you, from both Dana and myself, for your past and continued support and encouragement of Yourdori and in all of our endeavours. It's been a true blessing. ❤

Nancy and Dana 
The Yourdori Girls 


  1. Congratulations on all of your plans... everything we do leads us closer to what we're meant to be.
    You've got a friend in me!

  2. How exciting! All the best to you both!

  3. Let me know when Everyday Naseeha launches. I'll help with social media, iA.


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