How To Find Your Inner Yourdori Girl

I gave those lovely rusty little safety pins to Nancy and she loves them as much as I do.  See? A Yourdori Girl for sure! 

Have you ever wondered, when looking at our lnstagram feed or our blog, just what it means when we say Yourdori Girl?  Nancy and I are ladies from two different backgrounds, but we have bonded over coffee and cuteness to become sisters who finish each other's sentences. ❤

That's right. We are a Sisterhood! 

Cause we are crafty soul mates, sisters of the scissors, cousins in color, and totally related in all the things we adore.  

And you are a part of that sisterhood too!  At least, we would sure love you to be!💖

During our last meeting Nancy and I were chatting over coffee into the wee hours of the night.  Okay, it was 11:30 p.m., but I hadn't had a nap that day, so that made it more like 3 a.m. as far as my internal clock was concerned! 😒

We were chatting about what makes us Yourdori Girls, and what we think makes you a Yourdori Girl too!

If you love color, vintage goodness, charming collections, and a good meal - You might be a Yourdori Girl.  

If you spend time working on your attitude outlook, trying to find the positive in every day and try to practice living out a heart of gratitude . . . you might be a Yourdori Girl!

If you like paint and paper, stiches and glue, planners and journals, vintage and cute, coffee and tea and everything in between . . . well then, I'm pretty sure you are a Yourdori Girl! ❤

My biz bestie, Yourdori Girl  Nancy, is doing a special feature over on her blog called, Yourdori❤Girl Photography (she takes this Yourdori Girl thing seriously!😉

She's doing a ”Flatlay a Day For 28 Days", a project she'll be working on for her February blog feature. She's challenging herself in 4 different categories for 4 weeks, with Fridays being a free-for-all day with syling & photography tips!  The categories are Crafts, Flowers, Food & Vintage. The photos in this post are exclusively from Yourdori❤Girl Photography.
There's going to be contests and giveaways too and confetti and glitter. You totally want to come to the Flatlay Partay  HERE!!

And did you know we had a facebook group you can join to find Yourdori Girl style inspiration, motivation, and conversation!  Two years ago we started the Gratitude Girls Cheer League as a way to connect with like minded ladies. We knew we had a sisters out there who loved what we loved and who were working on their hearts and chasing goals just like we were. But we didn't know we were all going to be Yourdori Girls together.

'Cause that was before we had our Yourdori epiphany! As we move further into 2017, we are making changes that we hope will make you want to join the creative sisterhood, and one of those little changes is changing the name of the Gratitude Girls to Yourdori Girls. We can now all come together in one place (just like the Yourdori all-in-one planner, journal, art journal) and celebrate all the cute things in life! ❤

Join us HERE

Thanks for stopping by guys!  Remember to sign up for the Yourdori Girl Facebook group so you can get all the updates and share your story too!!

We are looking forward to this next step in our Yourdori Girl journey! 💖


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