Making A Hand Crafted Art Mask For The Masquerade

Painted Mask for Halloween

I have always loved dress up play. 

As a kid, Halloween was one of my favorite yearly events.  I got to dress up and I got candy.  I mean seriously.  What is better than that?  

There is a fun challenge happening at the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Studio Blog.  Did you know that Nancy and I were a part of the Creative Crew?  We decided to join the challenge by creating our own masks.  

Now don't think for a moment that masks are only for Halloween.  My son asked for a steam punk mask for his 15th birthday and I am actually in the process of making more masks in this grungy, gearish style just because they are so fun to create!

It may look difficult but really you just need gears, glue and imagination.  Plus a handsome boy to model it.  Lucky thing, you can find a base for your mask in most stores right now.  Pick out a firm resin mask or a strong paper/cardboard mask.  Avoid those flimsy plastic ones.  You want something that will hold all your glue and paint. 

If you don't want to try steam punk you can always try going for the pink glam.  I made this second mask for my daughter.  I'm always on the lookout for a good strong mask base and I when I saw this one I snatched it up.  The raised scrolling on the mask itself is actually apart of the original design. I rubbed Inka Gold on it to make it stand out.  The feathers are from a box that a friend was going to take to the Goodwill but gave to me. I was saving them for something special. 

Okay, to be honest I actually just created and made my own dream princess ball mask and gave it to my daughter.  She got to pick the colors. Using Tattered Angels High Impact Paints, a little Glimmer Glaze, and Glimmer Mist, I created this pink ombre effect.

Throw in some scroll chipboard and a little bling.

Instructions for entering the challenge are over at the Canvas Corp Brands Blog.  If your mask is picked you win a very generous prize package. 

Nancy created this adorable Washi Tape Mask.  Every crafty divia needs a proper mask for the ball.  Armed with tiny sewing scissors, and enough paper to stock a school, this mask is sure to delight and amaze everyone who sees it.

Really how could it not.  Its a WASHI TAPE MASK! 

I got to tell you.  At first, when we talked about what to make, I started throwing out ideas -  I always have ideas ready on hand for other people to execute, don't you?  But really, when I said, "Make a washi tape mask, " to the reigning queen of creating cute things with washi tape I had no idea how cute it would be.

Nancy washi taped her computer keyboard.

She washi taped a globe.

And now she has made a mask.

She is the Masked Washi Tape Crusader, cuting things up everywhere with white on red poka-dots!

What kind of mask will you make for the challenge.  Hurry, you had better get started.  You only have until November 5th to enter the challenge!

Let us know in the comments if you are going to take part, we would love to root for you.  What kind of mask would you create??

Dana and Nancy
The Yourdori❤Girls


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