Behind The Scenes at Yourdori❤Girl Photography • Part Two

Hi, guys!!  Here it is!  My yummy pumpkin soup recipe! Ta-Da!  Taste tested by my hubs and three oldest grandkids and found to be scrumptious!  It's pretty  straight forward and totally ready for you to add your own touch to it!

This is something I've wanted to do for a long time, which is combine my love of food photography, cooking and eating! ☺ I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  Let me know in the comments how you make pumpkin soup and any tips and tricks that you think might help me improve. 

❤Bon Appétit!❤

I forgot to add a can of coconut milk to the recipe.  Add it to the blender along with your pumpkin.  Also, I l know this recipe looks kind of weird.  I'll make up a real template for next time! :)

Do you know the trick of putting a wooden spoon over your pot to keep it from boiling over?  It works for me 90% of the time!

I added some Costa no-salt seasoning cracked pepper.

Coconut milk and pumpkin and crushed black pepper . 

Now plate it up pretty, guys!  I used some fresh thyme for a garnish and then stripped it and added it to my soup.

I had some crushed ginger and garlic on hand and I plopped a big dollop in my soup.  It was a taste bud game changer!  The sweet tartness of the occasional blueberry was also a delight to my tongue! ❤

First day of leftovers.  Same soup, added more chicken broth and topped it with a Tzatziki sauce and sriracha infused sea salt.  Mmmmmmm. ❤

Second day of leftovers.  I added more chicken broth and it made a delish chicken soup to go with some grilled chicken salad sandwiches. ❤  

Hubs loving the soup for the third night in the row! ❤

I really enjoyed the whole process of this post and I sure hope you did too!  Let me know if you'd like to see more of these type of posts!  Dana is the the Baker half of the Yourdori Girls and boy, do I love doing photo shoots in her kitchen and then eating it!! ❤

Thanks for popping in for a little behind the scenes at Yourdori❤Girl Photography!



  1. Oh, such beautiful photos!
    I've made squash soup, but I blended it all up to be a creamy soup. Yours looks nummy. And I love those placemats, and even a rose to make it all look pretty on the table. :)

  2. Visaully Stunning, really just amazing photography and I don't just say that..but I think we're all saying that about your work at this point. The soup recipe was quite different from oher pumpkin soups, was it delicious? Would you make it again?

  3. Your squash soup looks amazingly delicious and right on time with this colder weather coming my way! I absolutely love your photos. So inviting and simply beautiful. I'd love to see more posts like this keep on cooking.


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