10 Ways to Use Styled Stock Images for Your Creative Biz

Example #1

A lot of you have been asking for ideas on how you can use the photos in the YGP membership library or any photo you may want to use.  I've come up with 10 quick ideas on how to do just that!

You might recognize some of the photos, as I used them in my pre-launch promotion and my August Early-bird marketing, which is still going on! You've got 5 days left!  I've added the three (3) month and the six (6) month subscription option that you've been asking for and it is crazy affordable to boot!

Just for my post photo. 😉

I would also love to know what you may be looking for that I haven't covered here!  Please leave me a comment below and share your ideas too!

Creating visually amazing graphics for your website, social media, blog and shop, is not as hard or as time consuming as it used to be. Not by a long shot!  Even if you think you are super unqualified to make a graphic, you need to get over it. 😜 There are so many editing sites, apps, blog post guides and YouTube  tutorials . . .  it's like a candy store!  

Another Blog Post Shot

A few of my favorites are Canva, PicMonkey, Rhonna Designs, A Beautiful Mess, Desygner and Pixler. (I guess that's more than a few! Who doesn't love choices?) Oh, and all of these are available on your Android or IPhone and of course your laptop and desktop. Sometimes I'll use more than one app/program on an individual photo or background, because it might not do what another one can. It's all about what you like and what feels like you and your brand.

You'll easily be able to add your text, use all kinds of filters, colors, pre-made text overlays, cropping and so many more tools that really make this such a breeze.  And if you still hate doing it, check out the YGP library for pre-mades!  No muss, no fuss!  I'll be making more Bliss-Kits too!  You can also leave me a comment below or email me at and I'll custom make you some!

You know what?  I completely forgot about all you Photoshop and Illustrator users!  Yikes, I totally apologize!  I don't use those programs, so you kinda slipped my mind.  Forgive me?  We can still hang out, right?

 Okay, let's get started!

Example #1:  

The very first photo (scroll back to the top) is what I call a "hero shot" for your blog post. It kinda sums up everything in one photo.  It would be the first photo they see on your post and one of the images you would use prominently on your social media platforms to promote your post.  Use a compelling photo along with a simple and direct CTA (call to action) and make it a clickable link, if desired.

Example #2

Example #2:

A tall, vertical photo that's used primarily on Pinterest.  I personally use square images for mostly everything, as they seem to work the best pretty much everywhere without having to be cropped.

I do, however, have plans to make more web graphics and collages, using the vertical template.  I'll be adding them to the library and making a Bliss-kit or two as well. 😄

Example #3

Example #3:

Sometimes the simplest of photos can make the biggest impact.  Do I need to say more or did I make my point? 😉

Example #4


This photo is perfect for when you want to say a little bit more.  When using up most of your white space, try to keep the copy simple and clean, not fussy or too wordy. Look for clever ways that your text might be used on the "photo" part of the image. Placing it on the journal gives me an ideal spot to give a bit of a punch to my message.

Example #5

Example #5:

A lot of times peeps will scroll right past your testimonials on your sales page, especially if it's all text!  I'm one of them. 😜  However if you use a web graphic, even without a photo, you'll get potential customers to slow down and take notice.

I'm in the process of revamping my sales page, including adding some testimonials.  I've learned a lot of exciting and helpful tips and tricks this past month and you'll see them bit by bit, being incorporated into the site.  Is this a testimonial you would take note of? 😉 Thanks, Carol! ❤

Example #6

Example #6:

You might think example number 6 is a little too fu-fu or busy but I think it works for my brand. That's something you want to keep in mind.  Does it say "YOU"!!?!

For instance, let's say you are a jewelry designer and you write a blog post on how to schedule your time more effectively.  Can you use only shots of jewelry or shots of you designing pieces or even behind the scenes  studio shots?  Of course not.  Colors and fonts are what you'll need to focus on more. For example; in the photo above, I used a simple font and used only black and white on my copy.  You also don't have to use a "photo photo", you can use a "background" photo, again,  keeping your brand in mind. Bonus photo!

Bonus Photo

Example  #7

Example #7:

Here is another vertical "Pinterest" style photo.  This is a collage of a couple of photos and plenty of added white space for your text.  I believe this photo really makes a statement without having to "say" much. It's bright, bold, and beautiful . . . I think any more copy would be a distraction.  Example #9 is another way to put together a collage shot and get a totally different vibe.  Experimenting is key and making it fun helps too!

Example #8

Example #8:

I love this one!  I think it pops with a clean and colorful impact!  The lines, the colors and the combo small and thick fonts, all come together and say "Look at me!" (Without being annoying, of course!)  Pair this photo with a strong quote for lots of positive attention!

Example #9

Example #9:

I'm going to  use #9 as a lead photo for some of the groups I belong to and on my social media. Example #9a is how I tied the collage together.  It's a good sneak peek at what my blog post is about and hopefully entices the biz ladies to click through to read the rest of the post AND then click on the shop link or the gallery link to check it out further . . . leading to signing up for my email list, checking out other posts (or our About Page . . . if it was done!  Working on it, guys!)  AND then ultimately purchasing my product(s).  That's what we all want to happen, right?

Example #9a

Example #10

Example #10:

Sometimes a photo is perfect for telling a story.  You know what it could be the minute you see it. This photo says exactly what I'm going to be writing about.  That's my "hero" shot, the lead on all of my social media at some point during my promotion of the post/course/tutorial or even just a tip with a link. Tons of options. 😙

Bonus, Bonus Photo
This bonus photo is a horizontally cropped photo with a nice big, empty space for text. I decided not to get too wordy (my downfall. at times 😜) even though I had ALL THAT SPACE!  I think by keeping it clean, I was able to direct the focus on the cool photo and still allow the eye to easily move over the text.

They say a photo is worth 1000 words. Here are my last two Bonus × 4 images.  (It seems I can't stop at 10!)  I don't think either need much, if any, explanation.  And that's exactly what we need to do with our photos and graphics for our blogs & websites and most certainly with our social media marketing efforts.

As creatives, we are very visual wouldn't you say?  Who else, besides me, would like "Pinterest-ing" to be their highly paid job? Who else calls it "research"?  Well . . . IT IS!  Rabbit hole my banoonies. Sheesh. 😂

These days, it is imperative that you have the best photos possible for your online presence.  It speaks volumes about you and your biz.  It's HUGE!  People, meaning your audience and your customers, don't want to deal with crap photos.  Blunt, but true. There are so many options now, there is really no excuse.   Nope.  None.  *now climbing off my high horse*

So, if you need help, holler.  Didn't find what you needed, holler . . . I'll still help.  Got any questions at all?  Yep, just holler! :)

Thanks for stopping by! ❤

Yourdori Girls


  1. Nancy,
    You stay up there on your horse, because you know what you're doing! Your photos always have that extra personality. Thanks for the ideas! :)

  2. Wonderful ideas! Now I just have to learn how to actually create them too... :-)

  3. These are great tips! I use canva to style my stock photos. These are great ideas I can use to improve the images for my own blog. Pinned!


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