YES!! 2 Ingredient Ice Cream + Recipe & Photos! 🍧+ πŸ“· = ❤

Hi, guys!!  I've missed you all!  This is my belated START THE SUMMER OFF blog post!

As you probably know, I've been working really hard on getting the new Yourdori❤Girl Photography component of the whole Yourdori story ready to be launched on JULY 29TH!  YAY!  It falls on a Friday and Dana and I have big plans for a super exciting launch weekend full of suprises, givaways and yep, you got it . . . coffee!  ☕  Thanks again, Dana, for holding the blog fort down and setting me take all the photos I want!! πŸ“±πŸ“² So, let's get started with this insanely easy, scrumptious and totally good for you summer treat! 🍌 It's for real, I'm telling you!!

That's it!  Now let me tell you how easy this really is . . . in real life. Well in my real life anyway! 😜
I happened to have a bunch of bananas getting too ripe, too quick! 🍌 I'm in no mood for anything that would take too long, so I sit down to a little search on Pinterest.  Honest, it was quick, as this recipe popped up all speedy-like!  First I saw 1 ingredient ice cream and then I saw 2 ingredient ice cream.  I went with 2, mostly because I was hungry . . . remember Ramadan? I wasn't even abe to sample it till later in the night when I broke my fast. 😍
But it looked pretty and it sure smelled good!  But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.  This is how it went down in a mad dash between two kitchens!  I live in the same complex as my youngest daughter, Aisha, and her hubs and 7 kids, so as you can imagine we do a lot of visiting back and forth.  It always seems one of us has run out of something and seeing if the other has it.  It usually works out wonderfully and we've both lost track of who owes who what. (Or is it whom?  I think whom, but I'm too lazy to check!) 😜
Well, I had the bananas, but no freezer space. (Yes, we even barter our cold storage real estate!  So I gathered up my spotty bananas, trays and wax paper and headed over to her house.  I cut them and stacked a couple of trays in her freezer, intending to leave them for just a few hours.  So now it's the next day, right?? πŸ˜‚ The grands have asked me about the ice cream about 1,400 times at this point.  Eek!! 😲

Here's my quick photo tip for fast and easy food photos.  See the top left photo?  I pulled the other three photos just from that single photo.  I call it "breaking it down" and usually sing that old disco tune by I can't remember who, (whom?) that goes, "Break it down, break it down, break it down down."  Anybody remember?  πŸ€” You can also get some interesting shots by getting down eye-level with your food.  Best tip ever?? Experiment and have fun!!
Okay, back on track.  It's a hot day.  I've pre-set up the shoot already.  So I need to make the ice cream, plate it and then take photos all before it melts.  This might have been the fastest photo shoot I've ever done!  5 minutes to make it and 5 minutes to plate and shoot and then 5 minutes to to get the ice cream over to Aisha's.  Aisha know's my photos are prettier than real life sometimes, so I know she would want proof!

So while these might not be my best photos, I'm pretty pleased all the same.  It was like being on an episode of Chopped!  (I pretend that a lot when I'm in the kitchen anyway! Do you guys do that?) πŸ˜‚
I was a machine!  The ice cream was amazing!  It really was super easy!!  And super yummy!  I've now got a couple of pounds of strawberries in her freezer.  Anybody got a cool treat recipe for me?
I hope you guys enjoyed this just for fun blog post!  We've got lots of exciting stuff happening this summer that we'll be sharing too!  I hope you all are having a wonderful and safe summer!  Let me know in the comments too, if you have a tasty recipe for me to try!  I'd love to feature it on the blog!!  Especially if you think it would look like a good photo shoot!  I need some more food photos for the Yourdori Girl Photography Membership Library!  Thanks, guys!!

Now get off the computer and go find me a recipe! πŸ˜‰❤



  1. Wow, all those photos look amazing. And now I want ice cream!

    1. Salaams, Kay!! I'm sure you whip this up all the time and can certainly teach me a tip or two! πŸ€—❤ Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, Shauna! Yep, just frozen bananas and the peanut butter! That is it! Really!! I still can't quite believe it myself! πŸ˜‚❤ It was sooooooo good!!


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