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The Yourdori Girls are all about Sharing The Story

Through Words
                         Through Photographs
                                                              Through Art 

Monday July 11th - Saturday July 16th I am going to join with some talented ladies in encouraging you to share your story through art and journaling.

We will approach this subject with the beginner in mind so that you can start playing with mixed media art and creating fearlessly.

Already started your journey?  Join with us to find new ways to express yourself.  

Using the Periscope Live Stream App five women  share their personal insights of creative expression.  You can ask questions.  You can message them via Twitter. You can find the replays all listed here in this post under each broadcasters information.

Watch live.  Watch Later.  Do Art.

Whenever I share my art journals, journaling bible, or paintings via live stream I usually get a lot of questions.

What is mixed media?  What did you use?

Wouldn't it be fun to do a series and answer some of the questions I get most often?

Wouldn't it be a blast to invite women with different perspectives and ideas to join me?

Creating Fearlessly - 5 women - 6 Days 

Yourdori Girl Dana Sanchez @Yourdori on Periscope and Twitter


As Nancy's partner in craft I am the one who is always creating and she is the one coming up with fantastic photographs and business ideas.  Not that she isn't a fantastic maker too, but over the last year her eyes have morphed into the coolest camera lenses.  Using her cell phone she makes photographic art every day.

For me- I want to play with art supplies everyday.  I almost always have paint on my fingers. And although I still feel like a beginner, I've learned a lot over the last couple of years about how the art supplies I love so much work together.

I will be scoping 10 a.m. PST/ Noon CST about what I mean when I say mixed media, what I use, and how some of my art supplies work together.

This is a huge topic, so we will just be getting our toes wet with information.  If you'd like more information shoot me an email at to be added to our mini-magazine list as well as to receive my outline with more about mixed media art journaling.  You can also email me with any questions you have.  I'd love to get to know you and help you start creating fearlessly!

Day 1 Scope Link: What is mixed media and introducing gesso!
Day 2 Scope Link:  More About Supplies
Day 3 Scope Link: Mixed Media Inspiration
Day 4 Scope Link : Adding Color - Sprays and Mists
Day 5 Scope Link:  Color Balance and the Inner Critic
Day 6 Scope Link:  Creating Fearlessly, PENS

Lulu Bea @Lulu_Beas on Periscope and Twitter

Lulu Bea is an Intuitive Painter and Life Igniter.  She helps women to awaken to their true potential through the art of creative expression.  She believes that we all are innate creators who hold the power to craft a life that we truly love and adore.  You can find her at where she has classes availableShe has an etsy shop with handmade up-cycled women fashion accessories.

For this series Lulu will be sharing insight and techniques exploring the large range of possibilities of mixed media products. Through the exploration of art, Lulu guides women to mindfully let go of limiting beliefs and behavior patterns in order to live a courageous, fun and fulfilling ignited life.

Her scope time for this series will be at 11 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. CST If you have questions you can send an email to

Day 1 Scope Link: All About Art Journals and the Why
Day 2 Scope Link: Things To Do With Gesso
Day 3 Scope Link: Matte and Gel Mediums
Day 4 Scope Link: Adding Color - Acrylics
Day 5 Scope Link: Permanent VS non Permanent
Day 6 Scope Link: Tips, Tools, and Techniques

Julie Jordan Scott @JulieJordanScott on Periscope and Twitter

Julie Jordan Scott is a Creative Life Coach who inspires artistic rebirth through individual and group coaching experiences, webinars, retreats, speaking and naturally through live streaming.  She is a Storytelling Champion, award winning actor, poet and writer who comes to art journaling with a heavy interest in finding inspiration through the "literary grannies." Her three, (nearly grown) children keep her on the move in more ways than one.  Her new book, "Dear Autism Mom," will be available this fall.  Watch for it and her schedule of webinars, traveling writing and creative playshops coming to your neighborhood soon.

Julie offers lots of live stream inspiration

Daily Passion Activator- Creative Life Coaching Tips & Strategies 6:30 PST daily

5 for 5 Brain Dump July 25-29

Poetry & Writing Prompts, Writing Inspiration Scopes and more.

She has a face book group for the writers of Periscope HERE ( you can join even if you don't live stream.) For questions regarding this scope series or anything else you can send email to and visit her website

For this series Julie will be scoping at 2p.m PST/ 4 p.m. CST  and sharing how she prepares her colorful mixed media backgrounds from book pages.  Julie will also invite viewers to begin the creation of their own personal story with the written word using hidden writing, free writing, morning pages, word prompts, and 
book pages to inspire your journaling.

Day 1  Scope Link: Mixed Media / Art journaling love 
Day 2 Scope Link: Mixed Media/ Art Journaling Love - and Inspiration promts

Rachél Payne @Creativitytribe On Periscope and Twitter

Rachél is a Sacred Creativity Guide, Creative Life Coach and Motivation Maven for Creativity Tribe. Rachél discovered early on the transformative power of creativity and has built a career around supporting others as they nurture their Creative Spirit.  Journaling has always been a partner for her in the journey of self-expression. 

Join Rachél  of the Creativity Tribe as she dives into mixed media journaling for the Creative Spirit on the go.  You'll gain tips for documenting bits of life with a wash of color and burst of self-expression.  As a bonus, Rachél Payne will share a peek into her personal journal reflecting the year she journeyed with cancer.  Her scope time for this series is 3 p.m. PST/ 5 p.m. CST

Her regular scope times are 9 am Pst/ 11 am Central Monday-Friday. Vist her website and email her with any questions at

Day 1 Scope Link: Why Art Journal?
Day 2 Scope Link: Art Journaling On The Go
Day 3 Scope Link: Learn To Art Journal : Using Washi
Day 4 Scope Link: #Washidoodle - More Washi Tape Possibilities
Day 5 Scope Link: Art Journals Gone Wild
Day 6 Scope Link: Out of the Box Art Journaling

Natalyn Bradshaw @npbradshaw on Periscope And Twitter

Natalyn is a Voice Coach and Creativity Coach.  She helps women with cultivating creative practices (jounaling, art jounaling, photography, and creative writing.)  She teaches voice lessons and does speach coaching.  Her "life time," favorite colors are pink and yellow and her "as an adult," favorite colors are turquoise and British tan.  Her favorite not desert, no breakfast thing to eat is surf and turf.  She speaks Spanish, sings beautiful opera and is not afraid of heights. She is passionate about encouraging others to step out of an "I can't," mindset, heal negativity and share their personal voice and has created a facebook group for sharing all sorts of creative endevors.  She host's bi-weekly periescope train style shows for art jounaling, planners, memory keeping and a poetry slam.  You can join the Voices group and share your voice too!   Her series scope time will be  4 p.m. PST/ 6 p.m. CST. 

Her usual scope times are nightly between 7 p.m. and  10 p.m. eastern.  One of her regular scope features is Sing Friday.  Launching this month Natalyn is teaching a 14-Day Journaling Intensive: Return to You.  She also has a creative course currently in session, Phoenix Rising.  You will have a chance to sign up for Phoenix Rising for August or September.

Natalyn also has a 12 week Creativity Coaching program and a 12 week Voice Lessons Program.  You can find out more information on her websites and

Day 1 Scope Link: Art Journal Flip Through and Tips
Day 2 Scope Link: Finding My Way To Calm
Day 3 Scope Link: Let's art journal - art journal process
Day 4 Scope Link: Playing With Paint
Day 5 Scope Link: Beginning Art Journaling Is Easier Than You Think
Day 6 Scope Link Playing with Paint together

Share your art journal's and inspired works on Instagram with #CreatingFearlessly.  You can also use the hashtag to help you find our twitter and Instagram conversations. 

   Creating Fearlessly - 5 women - 6 Days 

We would love for you to join us.  Ask questions.  Get answers.  Start your own fearless adventure in mixed media art journaling.  We will show you that anyone can do this, you don't have to be an "artist," you just have take the time to start recording your own personal visual story.

Yourdori Girl Dana


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