A Heart Check For Your Goals

We are doing something fun this week! It's Monday!  I am so super excited that it is Monday! I think I need to throw in a few more exclamation points.  Because, Hello, it is the start of something good!!!

Nancy and I have created a 5 Day Heart Check Challenge so that we can see where we have been and see where we are going. We want to celebrate our victories, reconnect with our goals and check-in with that big WORD we felt would be important for the whole year.  

My word is Pursue.  What is yours? 

I've been Pursuing Integrity, Accountability and Connection.   Right now I can tell you I need to work more on the first two.  

You're like, What? 

Well, yeah.  I do.  There are some things in my life I want to be more upright about, things even in my head that I want to do with a cleaner heart - does that make sense? Like the way I treat and think of my husband.  It's not just about love - it's about how honest am I with that love. 
Because people, I am a blamer...

And yeah, so I am working on that one.  I need to consciously pursue a more upright character in this area or else I am never going to make a change.  

Some days I have been better at it then others

I chose Pursue also because it is an action word that propels me forward.  That meant a lot to me.  I did not want to be standing still for 2016, not when there are so many possibilities.  

What possibilities did you see for January? What changes did you want to make in your life?  Or did you have a biz goal that you wanted to see realized? 

Join the 5 Day Heart Check Challenge and share with us where you are at in your goals. The daily prompts are designed to get you thinking about your big goals or your one word. We want to know where you have been and where you are going.  We are so nosy like that.  Kinda like great aunts, grandmas and best friends!   

As a special treat, there will be a reward giveaway on Day 6 for a coffee gift card and a home crafted flip book.  There is a video about flip books in the Gratitude Girls Cheer League - if your wondering what a flip book is.

Speaking of the Gratitude Girl's Cheer League.  I know I have plugged the group before.  Didn't you see it in my last post? How come you didn't join?  Well it's not too late!  The group was born after we did our first 3 week Heart of Gratitude Challenge. That event was so much fun and we got to know some great ladies- so we created a group where we could keep loving on and encouraging each other.

And it's such a cool little group too, with Girls from all across the world,  who have bunches of different passions.  There are women raising chickens and and homeschooling kids, business women, retired women, work from home women, writing women and arting women and women who just want a little more gratitude in their lives.

We encourage fellow bloggers to post their links and we want to see what photos you are taking on Instagram.  If you have questions about business or life or anything, you can ask and someone will try to answer.  If your having a bad day, we will send you virtual hugs.  If you need a little more glitter in your life, we can do that too!

Plus, when you are in the group, that makes you eligible for the next Heart of Gratitude Challenge and more coffee!  Nancy and I love to share coffee with our girlfriends.  It is our favorite bonding activity.

The Gratitude Girls Cheer League (GiGi's for short😉) is a place for connection and encouragement - and there isn't a single crab in this bucket.  All crabs are tossed back into the sea where they belong.

So join the GiGi's and join the party, it's where all the fun kids hang out!  
If you post photo's to Instagram or Twitter related to the prompts you can use one of these two hashtags #Yourdori_girls or #heartofgratitude   We will be looking for them! 


  1. The past few days I'd already begun thinking about the goals I set for this year & if I want to keep those goals/focuses for the second half of the year, so this is the perfect week for a heart check! YEAH

    I posted my goals on January 1 ( and have a monthly follow-up post at the beginning of each month.

    I enjoyed the Brene Brown video & had to laugh because it reminded me of something that happened this past week when I blamed a friend for something simply because it brought up bad memories for me. I quickly apologized and explained how it triggered something else for me, and we were able to laugh about it and move on without any hurt feelings.

    1. Thank you so much Melissa for joining us for this Heart Check! And I am so glad you enjoyed the video. So Funny and So True!

  2. My word of the year is "celebrate the year you took control". I know more than one word!. I am a joiner, I sign up for every free class, seminar, webinar, Facebook Group, etc. I needed to get that under control and unsubscribe, stop signing up for "free" things that suck my time and take me down a rabbit hole of more things to sign for. So it has been hard and I might have slipped a few times but I am working hard to stop! I only need the support system I have built and I have resources for every business aspect to last me a life time. Thank you Youdori Girls for supporting me and sharing yourselves with us.

    1. I like your Phrase! It's powerful! And we all slip a few times. You do not want to know how many face book groups I belong too! We love having you in the group, seeing your art and watching you grow, Kim. And it has been a great honor to send you our love and virtual hugs!

  3. Oh my! I just discovered you through Perigirls post. I will need to catch up on your amazing posts. Thank you for the challenge. I will spend more time here later today. You are so inspiring. I too am a creative and lots more. I will introduce myself better later. I just wanted to THANK YOU for all this goodness.

  4. Thank you for such a helpful, well thought, post!
    Since I'm late for almost everything, I chose my word in April :) It was reconnect. I think I'm doing okay on getting back to what I love most, weaving. But I still need coaching on keeping focused because everything in the world looks so interesting. I like Kim, sign up for too many things, and I've been pretty good at cutting down on that.
    There is one thing I'm not sure if I should change or not. Zoning out. In the morning there is this lovely time when I don't have a bunch of rules for myself. So I take advantage and zone out on things, like cleaning a little or adjusting a project just a little, or putting this basket here or there, just a little.
    Is this a good thing, to allow oneself to zone a bit each day, or a time suck? I don't know!


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