3 Ways To Make Progress In Achieving Your Goals

Recently, hosted it's very first event - A Wonderland Tea Party Benefit - where we laughed, ate, colored, and sipped tea with our guests to our hearts content.  There will be more fabulous photos and projects from the event for you to see very soon on the Creative Studio -the Canvas Corp Brands Website, where Nancy and I are crew members.

After the party we packed it all up. Went home.  And recuperated.

We spent time with our families and savored some sweet moments.

Nancy and I were able to get together last week for a couple of hours.  I drank coffee, gulped down a smoothie her kind hubs had made for me, while, gracious host she is, Nancy watched me.   It's Ramadan, a special time of reflection, prayer and fasting for Nancy.  (As important as Easter is to me,)  I love that we are so different, but so much alike.  We talked craft, business and goals the entire time.

Nancy shared with me her current product photography.  Angels and Rainbows is a colorful Islamic Children's book by  Elizabeth Lymer. It's a lovely little story that comes in a slim hard back and classic paperback about the size of a Scholastic Book.  The illustrations by Inspiredeen are drenched in rainbow colors while the words unfold in a comforting story of love.  

I don't know if you noticed, but Nancy has a passion for photography and graphics.  Having spent loads of wonderful time in her company, I know that she sees everything with a camera's eye.   The first time I visited her home, everywhere I looked I found something vintagy or crafty set up in every corner.  She arranged things in color combinations, textures, and patterns without even thinking about it.  She's only been really doing "photography" for a couple of years, but she's been creating scenes all her life.

(Pause for laughter -creating scenes, hahaha, get it?)

The Yourdori Idea was born at the beginning of January and now it is six or so months later and we are still making baby steps toward our goals. I promised you 3 Ways - Here Ya Go

1. Refine The Vision 

In January we decided what we wanted to do - Help peeps store and organize their life and story with a traveler journal style notebooks -  We had ideas how we would go about this, but had never functioned in these ideas.  We knew what we wanted but we didn't know what would work and what wouldn't work and how those two things fit into the overall outcome. The What Works/ What Doesn't Work - impact on the vision.  So we had to break our ideas down into details.  We are still doing that.

2.  Know Thyself

I am a woman who needs more exercise in her life, I know that currently I am capable of taking a walk in the neighborhood but I am in no way ready for a race, marathon or hike.  Doing any of those things might hurt my body and put me in the hospital.  The same is true for Goals.  Big Huge Honkin Goals are great - but it's impossible to just leap into them.  We have to ease into them.  That takes time.  And regular "exercise."  Know what you are capable of.  Know what you need to learn.  Know what you can do now.

3.  Don't give up. 

We started in January with an idea to make a specific product.  We still don't have the product.  Does that mean we should chuck it all - everything we have put our hearts into?  No.  But we are going to approach Yourdori from a different angle.  And as you can tell from Nancy's photography, seeing things from a different angle can be very, very good.

So- We are still making progress, still moving forward, still on the adventure of the Yourdori Story. Will you join us?  Don't you want to see what we will do next?

Let the Adventure Continue

Dana & Nancy
The Yourdori Girls


  1. Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing what y'all do next! So glad the tea party was a success.

    I've been working toward a goal, too, slowly while still working on other things that are helping me refine the vision.

  2. Hi, Melissa! I'm so glad you popped in! ❤ You said it perfectly . . . refining the vision. I like that a lot! You have to be able to be flexible in order to allow your vision to grow. I'm really enjoying my partnership with Dana, it is a heck of an adventure! ❤

    Wishing you the best with your goals too! 😍


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