Tea Party Benefit DIY Lavender & Lace Banner Bliss-Kit!

Okay, so the blog has been a little neglected these past 3 weeks!  So very sorry about that. 😢 It's a good thing Dana's last post was such a doozy! 😂 That hedgehog in a teacup!  It was all I could do not to claim credit for those photos, they were just so amazing!!!  I totes plan to make up for my blog neglect now with lots and lots and lots of crafting photos, tutorials and surprises!  May is the month for the Yourdori girls to be crafting our banoonies off!  How about you, wanna join us?
Today I'm sharing a sweet little banner!  There will be several of these decorating different areas of the Mad Hatter 🎩 Tea Party Room.  It is a huge space, almost 1100 square feet in an Decagon shape . . . I think.  I'll have to count again to be sure.  There's Octagon, Nonagon and then Decagon, which of course is 10 . . . think decade!  I'll get back to you on that!
Maybe I could draw you up a little diagram, would that interest anyone?  It has lots of windows for some beautiful sunshine, ☉Insha'Allah (God willing) We will be draping all the windows, which are about waist level to the ceiling high, from about 5'up, down to the bottom of the window.  This gives us lots of lovely privacy AND plenty of beautiful light from the nearly wall to wall windows!!
We will be draping all the windows in gorgeous vintage sheets in such a beautiful array of patterns and colors!  It's going to knock your socks off!  You will truly be walking into a wonderland! Sigh. There will also be gobs of vintage sheet banners for a bright and cheerful touch!  There will be no gloominess at this tea party, I don't care what the ❤ Queen of Hearts ❤ says!  Our plan is to melt that hard heart of hers and bring her over to the blissfully crafty side of life!!
Oh my stars, ladies, we have so many fun crafts and activities planned for you!!  We are giddy, on a daily, if not hourly basis getting things ready for this awesome event!  I would suggest those who have not yet got their tickets, that they do so as soon as possible.  If you need to make arrangements with me in person to reserve your spot(s), just email me at or private message me on facebook (Nancy.Gaines.12) Also, there will be no sales at the door.  Place cards must be designed and name tags made and singularly unique treasures and treats crafted just for those who have accepted our invitation and purchased their special seats. 👑

We cannot wait to spoil and delight both your eyes and your tummy! 🍰 Like I mentioned earlier, we are giddy in our anticipation of your charming attendance!  Can I get a Woot Woot!!  Oh, yeah . . . that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!!
We all want this event to be a sell out!!  Muslimahs United is a wonderful organization that has been involved in many caring and worthwhile activities on both an international and local level.  I know our Portland area community has benefited greatly in innumerous ways!  We want the proceeds from this delightful and delicious event to help them to help others even more. Insha'Allah you will purchase your special spot and maybe one or two more for your loved ones.  If you are unable to attend, we've set up the same easy PayPal button to accept various levels of monetary donations as well.  Tell your husbands and fathers to help us out too and perhaps you will bring him a sweet treat home!
So, this little beauty of a banner is going to come as a kit.  You may or may not have time to work on it during the tea party, but it will have instructions included.  Samira, who is the founder of Muslimahs United suggested we might do a Ramadan/Eid craft, but I though to myself hmmmm . . . this is not a Ramadan or Eid event.  But upon reflection (of about 2 minutes because I like to leave no craft undone, hahahaha!), I thought why not make something they can take home and do and then replicate as much as they like for Ramadan decorations and Eid Celebrations.  They could get the whole family involved even.  That's what this whole thing is about.  Community. Helping. Sharing. Enjoying time with neighbors and friends, moms and daughters and grandmas, girls, women . . . sisters.  All of us, sisters. Oooooooo, I'm getting giddy again!!Okay ladies, that's it for this post.  Let me know what you think of this gem of a banner!  My next post is also a take home kit, that can be used alone or added on to this banner to make it even more festive and fun!  Yep, again perfect for Ramadan decorations and Eid celebrations!  Psssst!  You are going to love these too!

Back to crafty blissdom for me now!  Thanks for dropping by and I'll see you soon!  Oh, and pinkies up! ❤

PS:  Click that PayPal button NOW!!  Let's make a big bag o'money for Muslimahs United! 💰

PSS:  I missed you guys!


  1. Lovely banner! Looking forward to seeing other crafty creations this month & praying for a successful tea party benefit!!

  2. This banner is so sweet, and so much room for personal touches. I know your tea party is going to be fantastic! :)


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