Mad Tea Party Day

Sunday May 29th was Mad Tea Party Day.

The Yourdori Girls have been planning this benefit tea party for Muslimahs United the last two or three months.  Even before Christmas it was a glimmer in my eye . . . a vision of teacups and teapots dancing through Wonderland.  I had big ideas about what I wanted to make and accomplish, and so did Nancy.

This is the third BIG tea party for me.  A couple of years before I met Nancy, some friends and I organized events for about 25 people just as  excuse to bake pretty cookies, and pull out all the vintage things we had that never saw the light of day, and of course, we wanted to make new friends. The idea was to create this completely girly setting, the tea party that all of us dreamed of when we were children.

This is Nancy's first BIG tea party.  Not that she hasn't worked events before, because she has, but an over the top Wonderland Dream Mad Tea Party was not yet on her resume of accomplishments.

Which made it really easy to cunningly lure her into the idea...

There will be an informational post about all the things we learned to do and not to do at a Tea Party, with details about how we had to be scraped off the floor the next day because we were so very tired and amazingly sore.

This is not that post.

This post is how amazing, wonderful, and lovely the party was.

There was all kinds of food and delights, with some very special treats provided by Lori Kenyon of Opa Dopa Delights.

There was an amazing weaving craft that everybody (Women and girls) loved! This was put together by Lucy Anne Jennings of The Creativity Patch  Nancy assembled a yarn buffet that was almost impossible to resist petting and fluffing. 😍


Women came together in this wonderful, friendly, delighted atmosphere.  Samira Axelson shared a power point presentation about Muslimah's United.  Did you know that this little group of women has been able to do so much while being funded only through donations?  They help other women in the community, walk for the March of Dimes, organize outdoor get-togethers, and fund raise for other groups in the community?  You might want to consider checking out their vision and leaving a little donation for them.

Many of the special touches of decorations were made with Canvas Corp Brands Products.  One of my favorites was the overflowing bowls of tea bags with black and cream  stripe tea tabs instead of plain old white squares.  You will be able to see more of what we did with Canvas Corp products in an up coming post on their blog.

There was so much to look at, taste, and enjoy at this party.  It passed in a blur and I didn't take nearly enough photos. But I knew enough to pester Nancy to take lots and lots of photos.

 I know in the moment, on that day, it really was a Wonderland dream come true.  Everyone had a lovely time, with some great conversation and tea thrown in.

Thank you for taking a peek at these first party photos.  We have so much more to share, so you simply must come back to explore all of Wonderland!

Have you ever attended a tea party?  Did you dream of a fantastic treat filled tea party when you were a child?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments. We love to hear from you!

Dana & Nancy
The Yourdori Girls

(photos from this post are by Yourdori❤Girl Photography)

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