A Wonderland Tea Party Where Tea Cups and Cupcakes Rule!

First of all, thanks again for following us on yet another Tea Party Adventure!
Yep, that's what we're calling them now. We have started our two week countdown, as of yesterday actually.  We are calm, cool and collected.
NOT!  Puh-lease, ladies, let's be real.  That part of us has to step aside, so the crafty and a wee bit crazy ladies could take over and get the job done!

Dana and I work together beautifully. ❤ I wouldn't exactly call us a well oiled machine, because let's face it, there are so many squirrels out there vying for our attention and so many rabbit holes.  Our lives are literally creative mine fields covered with kryptonite glitter and sequins!  It is not an easy job staying  focused on the task at hand.  I'm guessing most of you know exactly what I mean. 😜
Having a biz partner who can read your mind and really "gets you" AND is one of your besties . . . well, it's just flippin' fantastic. 😂
Now, having said all that, let me also say thank you to all of you too!  You keep us both inspired and motivated.  It's pretty cool having you ladies ooooooooooo and ahhhhhhhhhh over our stuff and encourage and hang out with us.  We are so very grateful. 😍
Okay, back to business.  13 days.  I'm excited and so is Dana.  There are just not enough hours in the day to do all that we want to do.  But that's certainly nothing new!  To me, that just means my day is packed full of things I want to do!
The thing about this particular adventure, though, that makes it different than business as usual . . . that sets it apart from other launches that we've done, is this.  If we "fail" to reach our goals,  or we have a lame event, it's not just us who would be bummed.  We'd be letting down the group we so much want to help.
But, seriously,  who's got time to wallow in worry? Ain't nobody got time for that! Remember? 13 days to go!  We've  made our intentions,  said many prayers (won't stop 😊) set our goals, written up our plans and have envisioned a spectacular wonderland! We iintend, Insha'Allah  (God willing) to make it into a dream come true for those attending.  A wonderful and beautiful tea party adventure of a lifetime!
That is our goal and our promise.  We so want you to have the very loveliest of times. We are at your service, my ladies. ❤
So, quit dinking around and buy your tickets NOW!  Oops, that was a tad harsh and I do so apologize. 😶  But I'm serious ladies!  This is for an amazing cause, Muslimahs United  Organization.  Let's help them so they can help more women and families in need. The absolute deadline for getting your tickets is Sunday the 22nd at 11:59 pm-ish.  We need to have a final head-count to know  how many lovlies will be partaking in the amazing array of goodies and snacks, sweets and savories and  so on. And so, so much more . . . and so on. 😉
So, go back to the home page, look on the right sidebar and click that PayPal button NOW!  If you are unable to attend, we would still love if you would consider a helpful donation.  Every dollar counts! ❤

Oh, and one more thing!  Do these photos help put you in a wonderful tea party mood? 🤔 They sure do for me! 😍


  1. Wish I could be there! It will be fantastic!

  2. Well, why don't you sell some of that yarn you're hoarding, hop on a plane and come share a cupcake with us?
    Nancy 😉


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