Crafting, Color and Creativity equals A Weaving Wonderland!

That's right!  Weave a little party!  What a wonderful idea!  My dear friend and master weaver, Lucy, of The Creativity Patch is the genius behind this brilliant idea!
Actually,  it all started with Dana's thought to have a tea party and it has evolved into this wondrous benefit event!  Which is now only 11 days away!  Oh, my giddy goodness. Am I freakin' out?  Nope.  Is my sweet partner Dana? Ummm .  .  . maybe just a little.  She's more of the "artist" type and I'm more of a "maker" and she's more of a "perfectionist" and I'm more of a "hey, that looks great & moving on" kind of gal. Together, we balance.
Okay, back to Lucy.  She's a crafty genius! And one of the sweetest people I've ever met!  Well, we haven't met in person yet, but I plan to visit her in Arizona later this summer! I am so excited! 😆 She's  got a huge, bright and sunny studio full of all kinds of crafting goodness.
Her first love is weaving though, although she's a glass blower, and a clay artist and a sewist and on and on and on!  But weaving holds the biggest spot in her heart.  She just started her blog and her business is getting closer every day to launch.  Instead of me gushing on ad infinitum,  check out Lucy's blog here.  She has three posts up so far, and each is a treasure to read, for real. 😍 Also, click on her about page too, so you can see exactly how her new business might be a fit for you!  Oh, and check out the amazing wood loom she has, while you're there, that may be bigger than my car! Again . . . for real!
 So back to Lucy's brilliant idea.  This is just one of them.  We have another idea we're collaborating on, that's still hush-hush.  But if you sign up for Lucy's newsletter, you'll be the first to know! (Go ahead and sign up for Yourdori's too if you haven't already!) 😆
This lovely piece of art is a woven piece of joy ❤ and it comes in a kit.  Do you see the lovely red bag she designed with our Alice in Wonderland theme in mind?  Gorgeous, huh? 😍 It looks like a scrumptious dessert just waiting for a dollop of whipped cream!
It comes with a hand painted chipboad loom and a weaving needle, all ready to start weaving.   I'm supplying the yarns and fibers from my ridiculously humongous stash, considering I neither knit, nor crochet. 😛 I will be weaving though. The kit also comes with complete, easy to follow instructions!
 If you think this kit is terrific, wait till you see what Lucy has up her sleeve for her deluxe edition.  One word. Swoon. 😍
So, now I'm going to let the photographs tell the rest of the story.  I hope you enjoy them and that they  make you want to buy your tickets now or delightfully make a donation! You only have 5 more days, including today, to purchase your ticket(s). You can of course, continue making donations until the party's over! 💕
This deadline is so we know the amount of fresh food, etc. that we need to obtain and craft for your delight.  We insist that it be at its freshest, so that your tastes buds will be thanking you for a long, long time! 😉 Again, the deadline to purchase your tickets is May 22nd, Sunday @ 11:59 pm.  The Wonderland Tea Party will be held on the following Sunday,  the 29th from 12:00-3:00 pm.  Take a peek at our last 3 blog posts for more fun details. 🤗
Scroll to the bottom to see what sweet Lucy looks like, as you might not know what a master weaver looks like! 😙

She's pretty dang cute, right?  Go check her her Instagram gallery too!  She put up a very cool little weaving set that really inspires me and makes me want stop what I'm doing and go make it.  She apparently she has some master Ninja weaver power over me that I must resist!  For now anyway. Oh, and her living room sized loom is there too!  She's  @lucyajennings 😆 Go follow her everywhere and give her some comment love below! ❤


  1. It warms my heart to see how much fun you've had with the little weaving I sent. And thank you for such a sweet and wonderful introduction.

    And your doll is too cute.

    I do believe that if every person in the world was a weaver, we would have world peace.

    So let's get weaving! :)

    1. It was a ton of fun, Lucy! This little weaving kit is the cutest! I really am excited to try one of these out myself!

      Thanks for taking on this huge project for practically nothing, Lucy, so we could put together such an awesome event! You are the best!



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