A Mad Hatter Tea Party - A Springtime Fundraiser!

WE ARE SO GIDDY! So sorry ladies, where are our manners!  Let me start again.  Thanks ever so, dears. 
Miss Nancy (me) and Miss Dana of, cordially and with the utmost delight and with no small amount of giddiness, invite you to enjoy a most lovely and elegantly lively and wonderfully fun . . .
Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmas, you know . . . girls! 
This party will be everything you could imagine in an Alice in Wonderland inspired gathering and so much more!  You will be walking into a wonderland that both childhood and adulthood dreams are made of!

There will be tempting teas and delectable sweets that will make your eyes grow large with delight and cause your mouth to water with delicious anticipation!  We'll also have plenty of tempting savories to balance out your taste buds and have them all dancing together in a blissful waltz!
We will commence with a brief and important, yet quite charming and entertaining etiquette lesson to followed by introductions, as is the polite way to begin.  Then will move along to listen attentively to a short talk addressed to you lovelies, given by the founder of United Muslimahs, Samira Axelson. I'm sure she'll be an eloquent orator.

The remainder of the tea party will be composed of awesome (and I don't say this lightly!) craft projects, amusing games, story time with a  professional Nanny and Children's book Author and oodles of tea time frivolity!  You will leave the party in an pleasantly exhausted and completely happy state of mind.
And the foremost reason and the absolute best part of all of this most spledorific afternoon, is that you will be supporting a fundraiser for a wonderful organization that always does the fundraising for us!  Yes, I am talking about our own United Muslimahs. We thought it would be nice to give them a helping hand too!  Muslimahs United has helped so many in need in the community and with other programs that reach around the world! Yay!  Alhamdulillah (all praise is due God)!

This premier party debuts on May 29th, a Sunday, at high noon exactly and will end promptly at 3:00 p.m. The party room doors will NOT open until NOON on the dot.  (We will be practicing proper tea party etiquette, pinkies in the air and all that!) Please wait in your car if you are early or mingle outside, as we do not want to disturb the other patrons of the restaurant. (See below for venue name and location)  We also ask that you follow proper tea party protocol and tidy your own seating area before departure.  I hope you don't think it uncouth that I even bring it up, my dears, after all, right?
Seats are limited, but that will just make it more exciting!  We expect the tickets to sell out quickly, In sha Allah (God willing)! Please take advantage of the easy PayPal link to secure your seats today!

Tickets - $30 Adults 18 & up
                $20 Children 4-17

Children must be 4 and older to attend. Infants okay, if no other option, however NO child care will be provided. ♡
CORRECTION! May 29th, Sunday!
Name tags, I mean, super cute name tags will be handcrafted just for you, along with adorable seating place cards.  After you purchase your tickets, please email Dana and I at with all of the first names of those attending.

The color theme will be predominantly red, black, white/off white with lots and lots of "pops" of color!  I'm informing you in advance, just in case you're of the type of tea party girl who likes to coordinate for an awe-inspiring photo op!  Yes, please!  But, truthfully whatever you decide to wear will be perfectly lovely. However, no jeans or tee-shirt stuff, okay?  I did say pinkies up, right dahling?
CORRECTION: May 29th, Sunday
The venue is at Round Table Pizza, in their Party Room.  It will hence forth be known as Alice's Wonderland and they are probably going to want to change that on their brochures and such.  Just sayin'.  The address is 10070 SW Barbur Blvd. Portland, OR 97219  Easy Freeway Access and walking distance to and from Masjid. (place of worship)  It's a bright sunny room with large and impressive windows.  We will do our best to "cover" the windows up to about 6 feet for a decent amount of privacy.  Remember however, dears, it is a public venue and you will not be able to remove your hijab, if indeed that's what you were hoping for. So very sorry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or leave a comment or question on the event page @ bit.ly22SGx7f or right below in the comments here on this blog post.

I do believe we've covered most everything now.  We've got so much to do to make this an event that will make you feel like you weren't charged enough and will want to donate more!
If any of you would like to donate your time, money, sweets or savories to this wonderful and full of wonder event, again, our contact is

When you purchase your tickets or you simply want to donate some money to Musilmahs United, you can do this directly with the very same PayPal link!  May Allah reward you all for your sadaqa (charity). Ameen.

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