What is a Travelers Notebook? The Blog Series Part 1

A Great Adventure Is About To Begin...don't forget to take notes along the way. 

If you are not into journal keeping, planners, or list making you may not  have  heard of a Midori Traveler's Notebook.  I tried to tell my mom about it over the phone and she kind of made a confused moaning sound.  It's that sound she makes when I get all technically crafty.

A Midori is like the Coca Cola of carbonated soda pop.  It the original brand that describes a certain journal design.

When I say the word diary, many people think of a book with a lock on the side.

When I say journal, people might think of those beautifully bound blank books lining the gift's wall of Barnes and Nobel books stores.

 And when I say midori, people think of a square piece of beautifully tanned leather, threaded with a couple of elastic bands that can hold one to five blank notebooks inside.

Here is a link to one from one of my favorite online stores, JetPens. Take a look HERE and come back.  I'll wait, because, y'know, I can't use their photo because I don't have permission, and second, I want to tell you more about  what a YOURDORI is!

Did you take a peek?
Did you see that the appeal of the Midori is not only it's simplicity, but its natural aesthetic?

But not everyone is looking for a earthy leather look.  Some people want color, some people want patterns, some people want something fun and artsy.

And that is where the Fauxdori comes in.  It's made with the same idea as a Midori, but it doesn't look like something Indiana Jones pulls out of his backpack.

A Fauxdori is cute!

Fauxdori's have the same bands inside, and sometimes pockets, and they also hold notebooks inside. 

Notebooks to fit the need of the user.  Calendars, lined paper, grid paper, paper worthy of a fountain pen, pretty papers, kraft papers, the possibilities are endless.

Notebooks to hold your story.

A Fauxdori Yourdori will be made of canvas - and from there the possibilities are endless.  It will be unique, with options, that the owner can design to fit her life.  We have such big ideas for the Yourdori! And we have big ideas for the planner inserts.

I need a calendar.  I need a journal for writing list and notes, and I need papers for doodling and art.

And it must be cute.

Nancy and I are still developing the design for the Yourdori.  These last couple of weeks we have had some set backs, a few ups and downs, and it has been hard to sit down and bring the Yourdori vision into being.

In the meantime I have an inexpensive Michale's fauxdori that is the same size as a regular Midori Traveler's notebook. I've been using it to see if I liked the size.  Because part of finding planner peace is in finding the right size.  

Do you work with a paper planner?  Do you keep an art journal? Do you like to jot down notes in a daily gratitude journal, or list your prayers in a special book?

Wouldn't a handy book that holds all of that, neat and organized be a dream come true?  

Some of you may already have a paper planner, but some of you may have thought, that looks nice, but I don't even have the time to put all of the pieces together.

Putting the pieces of your story together is what we want to do here at  Yordori is the home for your story.  

Right now we are sharing our ideas with you because, well, we are building this biz from the start with an IDEA and taking you along with us on the biz adventure, sharing everything we learn with you! 

Soon we will be sharing our hand crafted products with you, not just Yourdori notebooks, but all kinds of inserts and insert kits to make it easy for you to have something cute and useful without having to look all over the internet for just the right planner/journal/art notebook. 

This adventure has been amazing so far, and we have so much more to share with you! 

Squwee!  I can't wait!

And let us know in the comments, what brings you planner peace? We'd love to hear from you.

The Yourdori Girls
Dana & Nancy


  1. Can't wait to see the Yourdori come to life!

    1. We are working out the vision and getting it just right. Our plan is to make it a little more unique than just your average square piece of leather, so it is taking us a wee bit of time. But it is going to be super cute. Promise!

  2. I always use a paper planner/calendar - this year I created my own with a variety of pages from various sources. It's all in a 3-ring binder, but I'm intrigued by the Midori style . . . although they seem somewhat small . . . yet the portability of a smaller size is alluring. Really looking forward to seeing y'all's design!

    1. Melissa, I totally understand the idea of "somewhat small" I am concerned that for long term use, this might be a problem for me too. But the my own 3 ring binder style is too big to travel. The Yourdori will come in a variety of sizes, because size is so important. I simply can not write in teeny tiny script. BUT, Nancy can totally write small - that is what will make us a great team!


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