Wear Your heART - Mixed Media Wearable Art Wrist Cuff

Hello everyone, I'm Dana and I get to share a special project with you today. 

I want to let you know that the Yourdori Girls are not just planner and paper people, we are your crafty peeps.  We love to create things, learn new things, and do new things.  We can't help ourselves from starting crafty adventures and pinning inspirational ideas on Pinterest. We are a lot like you.

As part of the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew we have a whole store full of products to play with as well as a stash of this and that just waiting to be used.  For this project I used only things that I already had.  I am proud to say I didn't go out and buy one thing new.

I used -

12 x 12 Canvas Corp Brands Canvas Sheet
Tattered Angels High Impact Paints
Recycled Sari Ribbon
Beads and Broken Necklace Bits
Embroidery Ribbon
Beadsmith Crystal Thread

Sari Ribbon

Sari Ribbon

I have to admit that the sari Ribbon was an impulse buy from a couple of months ago. Made from silk, with loose threads, and drenched with color, it was a fantastic price and I couldn't resist it.  I had seen a YouTube tutorial for the flowers, which are very simple to make, so I tried out the technique.

Wristlet, Sari, Wrist Cuff, Bracelet

I painted the canvas with Tattered Angles High Impact Paints to give it a Mixed Media Feel and attached Flowers, Ribbons, Beads and Felt.  If you look too close you will see that I don't have great sewing or embroidery skills, but I didn't let that stop me when it came to playing with these colorful ribbons. 

Wrist Cuff, Wristlet, Bracelet, handmade, colorful, gypsy wrist cuff

Wrist Cuff, Wristlet, Bracelet, handmade, colorful, gypsy wrist cuff

Now I can have my art and wear it too!  It would be something fun to wear to a very special party, don't you think?

We have been talking about it in our last few newsletters.  Maybe you have seen us on Facebook (Here)  or Instagram (Here) talking about a biz-a-versary party and a special mini magazine newsletter?

If you sign up (or refer a friend and they sign up )  you can get an entry for a giveaway filled with some crafty goodness.  You might even find some sari ribbon in there so that you can make your own flowers and your own wearable art.

Wrist Cuff, Wristlet, Bracelet, handmade, colorful, gypsy wrist cuff

Do you ever wear your art?  Would you make some colorful art for a friend?  We hope this inspires you to try something new.  I can't really sew, but I made this anyway.  I can't embroider, but I added embroidery floss anyway.  I am so happy with how this heART turned out.  What can't you do, that your going to do anyway today?  

(also, if you refer a friend, let us know in the comments so we can make sure to enter you in the giveaway!)

Start your Art Adventure today!

Dana & Nancy


  1. Dana, I must be blunt.

    What do you mean you can't sew? Or embroider?

    Do you mean you haven't been exposed to all the rules? :)

    Your work is beautiful, and you can sew and embroider! You have a real "feel" for working with fibers.

    It's beautiful.

    1. Thank You so much Lucy. My sewing experience is limited, and I need to learn a few useful techniques. When will you be traveling this way to teach me? I need a hands on teacher!

  2. What a FUN piece of wearable art!


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