DIY Canvas Business Card with Canvas Corp - TAKE 1

Hi, guys, it's me Nancy!  Man, oh man, what  a day I had yesterday!  But I am not here to complain and whine, who's got time for that??  As a Bonafide Boss Lady, we deal with it and get on with the business at hand, right?

So what I did yesterday, in spite of things trying to get in my way, was make that biz card I've been talking about for the last several weeks.  And it turned out adorbs!  A little mess up with my "I" stamp, but no biggie, as it was just an experiment.

We used canvas.  And speaking of canvas, Dana is going to tell you a little about Canvas Corp Brands now, a company we happen to LOVE!!  (Was that a slick segue, or what?)   I'll get back to you about the biz card directly after!

Hey all, it's Dana!  Nancy and I have a love of color and craft that goes way back.  We love both love paper and just putting cute things together.  Although Nancy doesn't scrapbook in the traditional sense, her love of paper literally fills her little apartment and my personal paper addiction fills my walk in closet.
I started scrapbooking when my first child was born back in 1998. Not long after that I encountered the vintage, grungy vibe of the 7 Gypsies brand and the first bottles of mica glimmer mist on the market, Tattered Angels  Glimmer Mists. There are many brands that do vintage and brands that do paint in spray bottles now, but seventeen years ago, these companies were doing it to FIRST and to perfection.
At the beginning of 2015 I applied for a design team position with Canvas Corp Brands (current owners of 7 Gypsies and and Tattered Angels.)  I was stepping way out of my comfort zone, I didn't think I had a chance. When I was picked as one  of their Creative Crew, I was over the moon and celebrated for a week.  I couldn't really believe it.

This innovative company  with this fantastic store and allowed me to be on their team again this year.  Not only that, my partner in craft, Nancy applied for the last design team call and now we both get to work with this terrific company.

In the next couple of days I am going to post a Wearable Mixed Media Art Piece that I made using Canvas Corp Brands canvas, Tattered Angels High Impact Paints, vintage sari ribbon, antique beads and buttons. We also have plans for something HUGE, FUN and quite MAD at the end of May using Canvas Corp Brands products that you are not going to want to miss.  (You must not miss this very important date!)

Today, (right now) we sharing a very special Yourdori Girls  project in honor of our Biz-A-Versary!
So yeah, back to the biz card.  It's adorable and also very impracticable!  I used canvas.  We love some us some canvas here at Yourdori!  I, however, kinda forgot how much canvas frays, which I actually love the look of . . . gives it a fringe-ish look.  But to do any kind of quantity of this card would take waaaaaay too long.  The sewing and the putting the strips of washi was quick and easy, but the picking at the frayed edges, well I could do a dozen before I would end up saying . . . "what are you thinking, Nancy?"  So, I am so proud of myself for figuring it out at the first try and not wasting time (as if any crafting time is ever wasted!) but moving onto the next experiment!
So up with the washi tape flag of surrender!  Which doesn't mean I've lost the war on this puppy, only that I'm picking my battles more wisely and knowing when to move on to the next idea.  And it certainly isn't a loss at at all, rather a learning experience and super fun photo shoot!!  And you know what guys?  This is how behind the scenes of a small startup creative biz goes and if recall in our introductory post, "The Yourdori Story", we promised to show it all to you!
So I'll leave you with a bunch more shots from the Biz Card - Take 1 photo shoot.  Look for Dana's post tomorrow, it's going to knock your socks off!  And go take a peek at Canvas Corp Brands 
and you'l totally see what Dana and I gushing about and why we are so excited to be on their Design Team, the "Creative Crew"!  Oh, and keep an eye out for an event invitation coming within the next week for the SPECIAL & IMPORTANT date that Dana told you about earlier in this post.  We are sooooooooo excited!!  (Could you tell?)
Do you have any ideas for us for a biz card for us?  We are dead set on making them ourselves and love the idea of the texture that the canvas gives them.  What do you think?  We are totally open to all of your creative ideas!  Thanks guys! :)
The Yourdori Girls
Nancy and Dana


  1. Love the new card! And the back story is a great way to get to know you both a little more. I do love the Yourdori Girls! Thank you for being here for me today.
    Keep art in your heart!

    1. Thanks, Kim! You are the sweetest! I would imagine you have biz cards, right? I would love to see what yours looks like! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post too, Kim! Always art in the heart! :)

  2. WHat fun! JUst love the story and seeing all the beautiful things!!

    1. It really is fun, Jean! The way we are doing it is so much less stressful than a standard start up and launch and a whole lot more fun! Of course, having Dana as a partner could have a lot to do with that as well! We are learning a bunch from you guys too and the ongoing encouragement throughout the process is such a blessing. Thanks so much for joining us Jean! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hey, Shauna! Hope all is well with you and your two little hearts! Get it? Twins. I know, corny! :) Hugs!!

  4. Really beautiful photography and projects. Loved getting to know you better. wonderful post.

    1. Thanks so much, Susan! What a lovely compliment! :) I am so glad you are enjoying the journey along with us. Very.

  5. How exciting to be on the Design Team for a company that has such great products - I remember purchasing my first bottle of Tattered Angels mist years ago! Have FUN!

  6. Wonderful pics and thank you for sharing your story. Transparency is sew fun to see (Rhymed) LoveLee as always! You ladies Rocketh!!!


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