World Read Aloud Day 2016

Who will you read to today?
With all things going digital, the short hand of texting, the general dumbing down of children's literature to suit seemingly shorter attention spans, reading aloud to your kids, your loved ones, and even as a volunteer for people who can no longer read a book but must instead listen, is more important than ever.
Whoo- wee, that was a long sentence. Are you with me?  Please don't call the grammar police. Let's break it down :Reading aloud is not as common as it once was.  In the olden days, whole families would gather in the evenings to hear from the sacred texts.  n the present days whole families gather together in the evenings with their faces in their own personal digital devices, reading status updates.

Reading aloud builds literacy skills in kids,
(there are statistics that show kids who have a regular read aloud story time do better in school)  and reading aloud builds bonds of intimacy, friendship and community.

And not only that!

Story reading better prepares you for telling your own story.  And reading that story out loud?  That builds confidence- it's a safe way of practicing your madd public speaking skillz!

Okay.  We know not everyone wants to share their story in a public way, but what about sharing your story by writing it down, or sharing your story with your kids, your family members?
Sharing your story in more words than a status update?

Your story has value, power, and impact, no matter if it is one of overcoming hardship or if it is one of  a peaceful family life.  It still has value, power, and impact.  Reading aloud from someone else's story prepares you to share your own.

And reading aloud prepares our children to share their story.
The Yourdori Girls value the story.  It's so important to us, so unique, we are in the business of crafting a perfect place for you to keep your story.

We created a facebook event page to share our love of reading 
aloud, not only that, we will be live casting lots of people reading aloud from all over the country.  Each person has five minutes to share from a book starting with  us @Yordori  on Periscope at 7 a.m. pacific time and then again at 5 p.m. pacific time.  If you have the Perisope app we would love for you to watch.  If you have a twitter account we would love for your feed back and tweet love to share the message that reading aloud is good for the reader and the listener.  We are using the #WorldReadAloudDay2016, look for us!

World Read Aloud Day is a concept of  The day "motivates children, teens and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words and creates a community of readers taking action to show the world that the right to literacy belongs to all people. "

That sounds like something we all can support. 

So.  World Read Aloud Day is an important day.  What will you read today?  What story will you share?  A beloved childhood story? A book that changed your life?  A passage that inspired you?

The Yourdori Girls
Nancy and Dana


  1. So am enjoying this blog post and a focus on reading together (I am a teacher and a mother who began reading to her children in utero <3

    1. Thank you Susan. It was a fantastic day. Thank you so much for your support and sharing too. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, I get a bit carried away on this subject!

  2. Beautiful! Those Bobos are the cutest things! :)

    1. Hi, Lucy! Aren't they, though? Momo, the youngest Bobo, is walking all over the place now! Aisha, his very busy Mom, moved just in the nick of time! ♡

    2. Really, they are so sweet and innocent looking! And I love the hanging out with the grandpa! Thanks for stopping by Lucy!

  3. So much YES to all of the above! What a beautiful, brilliant post!

  4. As a former teacher, I can't <3 <3 this enough!!

  5. I love this idea of promoting spoken word reading. I remember so fondly as a child spending hours reading stories over the phone with my grandma who lived far away. It was not only a way for me to get my homework done and improve my reading, but for us to spend time together and build our relationship.


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