The Yourdori Story: Mini-Magazine / Volume 2 / Party Issue

The Yourdori Girls are Party Animals!
Okay, so we are not "party animals" like in the above photo.  Although, a whole day alone with the Grands can turn me into the dude on the left, at least that's what they say.  Whatever.  And then after a visit to the local salad bar, or rather 2 or 3 trips (because a trip is longer than a visit, right?), I may start to appear like the dude on the right! Again . . . whatever. ;)

We are also not party animals is the drinking & clubbing kind of way.  Duh, right?
So, what constitutes a party in our book then?  I know I can totally speak for Dana on this matter too.  A party till you drop kind of event for us would be something crafty!  Just about anything crafty says "Let's Parrrrrr-taaaaaay!".  No, it doesn't say it, it SCREAMS it!!  We can party alone and be completely our own belle of the ball, but together is even better.  And even better than that is having you guys join us!
That's something we have in the works for later this year.  Most people call them online courses or workshops or even classes.  Dana and I, aka The Yourdori Girls, aka Party Animals . . . prefer to call them a "CRAFT PARTY" or a "DIY DANCE" or a "PAPER PALOOZA"  and yes, I could go on all day long thinking of corny titles and so could Dana!  We have yet to decide who is the corniest! :)  So put your party "thinking" hat on and start thinking of some ideas for some online fun that we could all do together!
Oh, and I have a quick question too.  For this kind of project, say it was about making 6 greeting cards, which would you prefer of the choices given below and if you can let us know in the comment, we would truly appreciate it!
  • A list of all supplies/materials needed (not tools, etc.)
  • A kit with all supplies/materials needed (not tools, etc.)
So today's party is about this.  Last week Dana did our first newsletter and talked about how to make one.  What I learned from that is, that I wanted to make it even easier to do especially if we were to do it on a weekly basis and be consistent about it.  So here is what I've done.  (p.s Thanks for making it way easier for me to make it even easier for us!!)

I made it into a MAGAZINE STYLE and I love it!  So does Dana.  So every week, in your email inbox, you will receive an email with this type of photo.
As you can see, it is laid out like a magazine cover.  It's going to go out every Friday.  It will highlight what will be in the two blog posts coming up the following week, on Monday and Wednesday.  The layout design for this issue is perfect, but the content is actually from Friday's blog post.  This content you will find linked HERE about what a FAUXDORI is and why they rock, what our PAPER PROTOTYPE looks like and more!  So be sure to check that out if you haven't already!  Oh, and here's a link to the post Dana did on our first newsletter, a classic in my book already!
Inside the mini-magazine/newsletter we will share a bit about what happened since the last blog post and what's coming up.

Today's newsletter, that should have been last Friday's, is going to be just a shorty.  Everything is in our last blog post or here and I'm not sure if we have totally decided on Wednesday's blog post yet!  I know, chop-chop, right?  And the feature about planner accessories?  That's still going to come, although I think I'll make it a social media mini tutorial instead.  What do you think?

You can shoot us a quick email at with any questions or comments or ideas, suggestions or recipes . . . and yes, I'm serious!  Send us some yummy recipes! 
And just like everything else with The Yourdori Story journey, it will be a work in progress.  Pretty flippin' exciting in our book!!  Thanks again for being such a big, fat, wonderful part of our crafty biz adventure!!  If you are not signed up, well get with it already!  There's a pretty cute pdf download with some cards and flags that you can use in either your planner or journal or even for scrapping if you'd like.  I have figured out how to do this yet, so bare with me, one way or the other it will be put in your inbox, even if I have to hand deliver it!!

The Yourdori Girls
Nancy and Dana


  1. Good Morning, this is going to be so much fun and a list of supplies is good for me :)

    1. Good morning to you too, Susan! It's feeling pretty fun to us already! :) and duly not that a list of supplies is good for you! ♡

  2. I like the idea of the magazine cover being your newsletter. Let's get the party started lol!

    1. Thanks, Patricia! Me too! It Akers it simpler, ya know? I suppose it's pretty just a cute outline. It works for me and I really enjoyed putting yesterday's together! This party is now officially starting to roll! ♡

    2. Patricia! It "makes it simpler" Haaaha! Took me way to long to figure out what I was trying to say! ;)

  3. simple or not love the magazine cover idea.....i have done photos like that but never get a news letter so yours is my first ever,love love the idea,see you girls are already doing new and exciting things

  4. Thanks a whole bunch, Samantha! It's still a work in progress, but just having a template helps a ton! I need to beef it up a little, well at least when something super cool has or is going to happen. Everything else is covered usually in sosh. We've got to make sure we treat our newsletter subscribers special too. We don't ever want to forget you guys!! :) Thanks for your input, Samantha, it really helps!

  5. I have enjoyed the magazine cover style showing up in my inbox! I'd be most interested in a list of supplies needed . . . as I have quite a bit of stash to use up. :)


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