Marie Forleo B-School 2016 Scholarship. The Good, Bad and the Ugly!

Oh, my stars!   

This, by far, was one of the hardest things I've ever attempted!   I've never made a video of myself before.  I don't take many selfies.  I never got on the Periscope Bandwagon.   I don't even have Skype!

I'm starting to sound kind of stone age, huh?  Let me back step a little. 

I follow Marie Forleo on Facebook, Instagram, her blog and her newsletter.  And, although I've never purchased a course, (yet),  I've gotten a ton of value from her free offerings. 

She certainly doesn't skimp and probably doesn't have a selfish bone in her body.  Her free stuff is packed with tons of actionable advice and humor. She always makes me smile.

So when her B-school scholarship information came in my in-box, I was like . . . cool, I'll check that out later.  And then in my Facebook feed she had a great sentiment that I had to turn into a graphic!  I've used it already, that's how much I loved it!

So, I'm fast forwarding because you've all probably seen the video by now! (and if you haven't, scroll down to the bottom of the page, to see it!)

So, what Im going to share with you today are some takeaways that I got from this experience . . . so far.

One lousy video will not stop me!  And when I say lousy, I only mean my part. Dana rocked her half!  She's one of the "naturals". :)  And I don't really mean lousy either.   I mean I hardly recognize me! Who is that depressed zombie lady? Haaahaahaa!  I'm  smiley, perky, never at a loss for words, ya know?  Till that video, that is!

Now, that it's over, I know I won't be so flippin' freaked out next time.  I've learned that I love the bloopers,  they are so human and funny.  Our friend,  Lucy, has the best one ever.  Laughter, smiles and a big sense of humor are key for making an engaging video!   "Lighten up, Nancy Marie Gaines!"  (That's what my Mom would have said!

I've learned that even if we don't win, that's okay.  We did it more for the experience and to show you guys that we "walk the walk", not just talk about it!  Yes, it would be wicked cool if we did win, but if we don't, it's sure not going to slow us down one little bit!!

So here's a piece of our story captured forever on video for the whole world to see! Now this the part that cracks me up!  Do we really think the WHOLE world is watching?
Of course not.  We are thrilled to have our little corner of it to share The Yourdori Story and we're honored you're here!!  So please share this post and share a little piece of your story where you did something despite your fears or doubts!  

Nancy and Dana
The Yourdori Girls


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so, so much Lois! We didn't win the scholarship, but we sure learn a lot of good thinsg!! Thanks for popping in! ♡

  2. Excellent work, Nancy and Dana, you both rock!

    1. Thank you very much, Mr. Miller. You are an excellent supporter! ♡

  3. You ladies are wonderful, brave, creative bonafide boss ladies! I so love the image and quote above regarding Confidence :)

  4. Thanks for the compliment on my bloopers! One thing leads to another, and I'm glad I entered, because you have given me confidence to go on with my videos! :) Go Dori Girls!

  5. Great job on the video & such a big bold step to apply for the scholarship! Bummer you didn't win, but what a great first video to share on your site here so we can all see & hear you.


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